Amateur.TV Affiliate Program Accelerator: Turbocharge Your Earnings as a Webmaster

Amateur.TV is a popular adult webcam site focusing on a Spanish-speaking audience. While it mainly offers adult entertainment services to its target, it also offers an affiliate program for web owners and users who want to earn money by promoting the site.

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate at Amateur.TV, this article is for you. We’ll cover all the essential aspects of this website and how you can use it to earn some extra money. Overall, the site claims to pay 20% commission on the purchases of the users you refer to the site. Keep reading to understand how it works and how you can get started.

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Amateur.Cash: Become an affiliate at Amateur.TV 

Amateur.Cash is the name of the affiliate program available at Amateur.TV. Essentially, it works like any other affiliate program, granting you several promotional tools and ways to promote the site and attract potential new users. 

The site pays up to 20% commission on the purchases of the users you refer to the site. You can also earn 5% on the earnings of each model and affiliate you refer to the site.

You can use different tools to promote the site and increase the chances of finding a high-paying customer. It goes without saying that even if you don’t know about web programming or design, you can still become part of this affiliate program. 


Converting tools are available at Amateur.Cash 

This website has several tools you can use to advertise Amateur.TV and its services. You can use whatever option you think could work better for you:

Banners and links

The site has a link generator, which is very easy to use. We’ll say it using the words of Amateur.Cash itself: you must select the destination, add the required details, and generate your link. It’s a three-step process you can start once registered on the site. You can then place the link wherever you think it will work best for your audience. 

You can also choose from different types of banners. You can modify them based on what you think could work best for your target audience. You can choose from different banner options, including the following:

  • Dynamic promo banners: Amateur.TV has different weekly promotions, meaning that special events are going on pretty much all the time. You can use dynamic promo banners to show your audience all the promos the site has available.
  • Online cams banner: You can also show the best cams found in Amateur.TV your audience to see without necessarily accessing the site. The banner is dynamic, which means it’ll change based on the positions of the best-performing models whenever the user visits your site.

You can use any of these banners however you please. It is quite easy and Amateur.Cash offers guides on how to place them on your site and utilize them in easy terms.

White labels

A white label is a rebranded version of a cam site. These websites can be profitable if you know how to advertise them and reach the right audience. Hence, you’ll be starting a new website without the hassle of looking for new models to perform there. Amateur.TV will grant the infrastructure and everything you need to get your website online.

This way, you’ll earn commission on the purchases people make on your site and its overall transactional activity. White labels can be very profitable, according to Amateur.Cash, you’ll have more benefits as your white label grows. 

Dynamic widgets

Dynamic widgets are add-ons you can include in your website and leave them there. These are meant to be dynamic, as they can work and continuously change without your input. You can add online cams, the site’s active promos, etcetera. 

In other words, dynamic widgets are all about showing the user that visits your site what’s happening on Amateur.TV at the moment. Hence, it’s a more straightforward way of advertising the site. 

Cams and live chats 

If you want to convert users more quickly, you can also choose to feature the live chat room of a popular model on the site. As long as the performer is online, it shouldn’t be too complicated for you to attract an audience. After all, nothing is more engaging than a performer doing lewd things while you’re live on camera!

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How much can you earn on Amateur.Cash?

It’s a bit complicated to tell you a fixed amount, as everyone’s experience with affiliate programs differs. However, we can talk about the different plans that Amateur.Cash has available for you to earn money. Here’s what you can do on this site to start earning today:

  • Rev-share program: Every time you refer someone to the site, they’ll be linked to your account. Hence, every time your referred users purchase something on Amateur.Cash, you’ll earn 20% commission. It’s a forever rev-share model that can be profitable, especially if you land high-paying customers.
  • Refer a model: You can also work on referring models to the site. You’ll earn 5% of their income on the site, including revenue from tips, private shows, and content sales. Every time a model earns, you’ll do too.
  • Refer an affiliate: You can refer other web owners to the program. As with the model program, you’ll make 5% of what they earn on the site as affiliates. 

Like this, you have different ways of earning money on Amateur.Cash. You’ll have to face several challenges during the process, such as competition or limitations based on the country of origin of the users you refer to the site. However, if you implement the right strategy, you can easily make a stable income.


Pros and cons of Amateur.Cash 

As good as this program might be, there are also certain aspects of it that you should consider before joining because your income will depend on them. Here are the pros and cons of this affiliate program:


  • It has excellent tools and technology. The site even has easy-to-follow instructions on how to place each advertisement tool on your website.
  • It’s easy to keep track of your earnings. The site has in-depth statistics and filters you can use to analyze your earnings and how you’re making money.
  • You can choose from different options when it comes to referring users. You can focus on models, other web owners, or regular users. 
  • The customer support team is responsive and attentive. You can contact them whenever you need help, as they are available 24/7.


  • Your income may be limited based on the country of origin of your affiliates. If your affiliates come from a low-tiered country, you may not be able to earn as much money as you wish.
  • The competition can be rough. You’re not the only affiliate trying to make money. Hence, it may take a while to finally start making a stable income.
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Sign up today for Amateur.Cash!

It’s simple to get started on this affiliate program. If you think it could be a good option to start making money, then all you have to do is go to the registration page, create your link, and start promoting it to attract clients!