Money Mastery: En guide för att öka dina inkomster

MYM.Fans is a subscription-based site that allows creators to upload exclusive media for their fans to view. People can access what you post on the site if they subscribe to your profile, and the best part is that you’re free to set your rates.

This site was first launched in 2019, and although it caters to a primarily French-speaking audience, many creators from different countries have found success here. If that’s what you aim for, you’ve come to the right place.

That said, this site’s primary ways of revenue include tips, subscriptions, and custom content sales. The total percentage you’ll get from each option is different. You’ll find all the relevant information regarding how to make money on MYM.Fans and how much you can expect to earn while you’re a creator on it. 

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6 Ways to monetize your Content on MYM.Fans

MYM.Fans offers creators different ways to earn money. Here’s what you can do on this platform and how it can help you make money:

Public feed

Your public feed is accessible to everyone, including those not subscribed to your profile. Therefore, the content (pics and videos) you post here is meant to incite people into subscribing to your profile.

While it’s not possible to make money through your public feed, at least not directly, it can be an excellent way of promoting what you do on the site. It’s like giving your potential new audience a little bit of what they can get if they pay for the subscription. Plus, if your content meets certain criteria, MYM.Fans may make it visible on the feed of different members, allowing you to obtain more visibility and increasing your chances of getting more subscribers. 

Private feed

Your private feed is all the exclusive content your subscribers will get once they’ve paid you. Hence, you can post more risqué photos, videos, and any other content you think could be great for your subscriber base. All your content will be moderated before it becomes visible on your profile. Of course, most people that come to this site are looking for sexually explicit content, but the final decision on what to post is on you.

It’s typical for the pictures to be approved within 24 hours after you’ve uploaded them to the site. This process also applies to your public feed.

Anpassat innehåll

Once people subscribe to your profile, you’ll likely start getting custom content requests. You’re free to set the pricing for custom content if you want to keep your subscribers happy and satisfied. However, remember that you don’t have to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with and can always refuse to create custom content for a subscriber.

If you agree with the terms, you can send the pricing agreement to the user requesting the custom piece of media, and they can pay for it. Once they’ve done so, you’ll have 72 hours or three days to fulfill their request. 

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Push Media: Bonus photos. 

Push media is a valuable and lucrative feature available on MYM.Fans allows you to send a video or image to your subscribers and other subscribers. You can offer exclusive content to your audience through this feature and earn additional income. 

It is up to the users to decide whether they want to pay for the media. With push media, you can have control over the content that you share, and you can monetize your content without any hassle. It is a straightforward and effective way to engage with your audience and make money on MYM.Fans.


MYM.Fans has recently updated its site and has made live streams available. Therefore, you can go live on the site and talk with your audience in real time. People can choose donations during the stream, meaning you can make extra money by going live. It’s almost like adult webcam platforms work but adapted to a subscription-like website like MYM.Fans.


On MYM.Fans, there are various ways you can monetize your content, and one of them is through tips. Tips are a great way for your followers to show appreciation for your content and support you. 

You can offer different tip rates with corresponding rewards, or your fans can choose to tip you any amount they wish. Setting up different tip rates with different rewards can incentivize your followers to tip you more, boosting your earnings on the platform. Moreover, tipping is a simple and convenient way for fans to support you without committing to a subscription. Therefore, it is a good idea to enable tipping on your profile to give your followers the option to support you in this way.

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Additional tools and features for creators on MYM.Fans 

We’ve already explained the most relevant ways to make money on MYM.Fans. However, the site is quite creator-friendly and has several features and tools that can help you enrich your experience. Here are some of the other features that can help you during your journey as a creator on this platform:

Model protection

This site offers different forms of protection for creators. For instance, the drag-and-drop feature that is so common in all computers is disabled, and so is the right click. Therefore, saving your content can be complicated, making it difficult for people to share your content outside the platform.

Furthermore, the site penalizes users and quickly bans anyone who shares content from any MYM.Fans creator.

However, suppose your content somehow ends up on another platform. In that case, the site offers DMCA services that can help you keep your media protected and prevent malicious users from distributing your content outside MYM.Fans. It is certainly a site where you can be sure you and your content will be 100% safe.


Become a SuperStar! 

If you want to maximize your earnings, it is worth trying to become a SuperStar. This way, you’ll earn 1% more commission from your subscriptions and private media you upload to the site. Furthermore, you’ll gain a SuperStar badge that everyone will see, granting you more exclusivity and popularity on the site.

Tons of benefits come with being a SuperStar on MYM.Fans. You’ll have more visibility as it’ll be easier for people to find on the platform. You’ll have to meet certain criteria, including having a certified profile and a custom content request rate of 90% or higher. As long as you’re an active creator on the site and have many subscribers, you should be able to participate in the SuperStar Program.

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Avslutande tankar 

MYM.Fans has been around for a few years, and the site has evolved a lot since its early days. It offers a safe and comfortable environment for creators and fans looking forward to interacting with each other more intimately. Hence, if you’re looking forward to monetizing your image and earning money through explicit content, MYM.Fans is an excellent platform for that purpose!