Stripchat Webmasters Affiliate/Referral Program Explained

Stripchat is one of the most popular adult webcam sites on the web, with millions of visitors every month. While most people look forward to making money as performers on the platform, the site also offers other options for web owners who would like to earn money by promoting the site on their own websites. That’s why the affiliate program, Stripcash, exists.

Stripcash offers affiliates two different ways to earn money, either via rev share or pay per lead (PPL). The site offers a 20% lifetime revenue share or 3.00 to 5.00 USD PPL, allowing you to make some passive income without necessarily being active on the platform. This program also allows you to make money by referring other people to the site, whether it is performers or other web owners.

That said, we’ll go over all the essential information regarding Stripchat’s affiliate program and how you can get started with it.

What is Stripcash?

As mentioned, Stripcash is the affiliate program of Stripchat, which happens to be part of xHamster’s group of porn sites. This way, affiliates can generate revenue on all the new members that sign up to the platform and purchase tokens using their link. It also applies to models and other web owners. The platform assigns an affiliate manager to each person in the program, which is already a plus compared to the site’s main competitors.

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Making money with Stripcash

Stripcash allows you to make money in different ways, allowing some degree of versatility depending on your availability.

Referring customers

The primary way to make money with Stripcash is to refer potential customers to the site. However, you can only earn money if the person happens to be registering on the site for the first time; already-existent users are not valid for the promotion.

Every time a new customer purchases a token package, you’ll receive 20% of their spending on the site. This will happen as often as the person decides to spend money on Stripchat. This way, if someone decides to buy about 300.00 USD in tokens, you’ll earn 60.00 USD.

Referring customers to the site is the least complicated way to generate revenue with Stripcash, as many people on the web might be interested in webcam shows.

Referring models

If you know people interested in becoming webcam performers, you can refer them to Stripchat. The affiliate program pays a fixed fee depending on the model’s country of origin. For instance, a model from a Tier-1 Country will pay you 75.00 USD, a model from a Tier-2 Country will pay you 50.00 USD, and a Tier-3 Country model will pay you 25.00 USD.

You’ll get your earnings once the model has earned at least $200.

Referring web owners 

This program also allows you to invite other webmasters to become affiliates on Stripcash. You’ll receive 5% of their earnings on the site forever. For instance, if a web owner signs up to Stripcash and makes over 1,000.00 USD per month, you’ll earn 50.00 USD per month without moving a single finger. You’ll have to get creative to get people into the program, though.

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Referring studios

While it is a bit complicated for obvious reasons, Stripchat also allows you to refer to studios. You’ll earn a considerable commission if you manage, but it may take you a long time to do so. Make sure to grab the opportunity as soon as you get it.

What can you do to promote Stripchat?

Stripcash grants affiliates several tools they can use to promote Stripchat and generate revenue. Take a look at the list below and get to know the different ways you have to include these promotional resources in your website:

Deep-Links / Link Builder

You can build your own links to the Stripchat site, which people must use for your referral to be effective. The site specifies how you can build links and other useful information regarding how to take full advantage of them. Make sure to read the terms thoroughly to avoid getting lost in the later stages of the process.


You can find different forms of advertisements within Stripcash’s tools, including banners and pop-under ads.

  • Banners: The site allows you to use banners of different sizes for free. If you want, you can get static or animated artwork, depending on what you prefer. You can redirect the user to the signup page, the homepage, or any other page within Stripchat that you want the potential referral to see.
  • Pop-under Ads: These ads can be useful since the person doesn’t have to click on an advertisement to open the site. Once they click anywhere on the site, the site will open a different webpage, which will be a landing page. You can customize it as much as you want, as Stripcash allows you to use different categories.

Like this, you can promote Stripchat without necessarily making it a full-time job. You may have to get familiar with the tools first to use them as you intend, but that’s not complicated as the site already offers tutorials and other in-depth guides for you to take full advantage of the affiliate program without issues.

iFrame Widgets 

iFrame widgets are one of the most interesting tools that Stripcash has available for affiliates. You can place them anywhere you feel convenient on your website as an embedded code. This way, any visitor will see an interactive widget they can use to explore Stripchat without necessarily having to enter the site. You can filter the webcams using several filters, such as gender or ethnicity.

Create a Cam Site (Whitelabels)

Another option you have is to create a cam site based on Stripchat. You can customize it as much as possible, adding the colors and name of your preferences to make it more distinguishable from the main site. It can be especially beneficial for people with a website with good traffic or brands that are popular within the adult entertainment industry.

Getting paid on Stripcash

Now that you know the tools the site grants you to make money, the next step is getting paid. Firstly, you should know you must accumulate at least 100.00 USD to get paid. There are two monthly cash-out periods, and you have different options for payment methods, including ACH, Wire, Checks, and e-wallets like Paxum or WebMoney. You can also get paid in crypto, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

We recommend you get familiar with the different payment processors and use the option with the least expensive processing fees and fastest payouts to enjoy your money as soon as possible.

Become a Stripchat affiliate

This is everything you need to know regarding the Stripchat affiliate program. The site is quite useful and has a community where you can ask questions and get to know other users. If you’re ready to become an affiliate at Stripchat, you can do it today. The signup process is quick, and the platform lets you start ASAP!

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