Performing on CamSoda Review for Models

CamSoda is a relatively new camming platform, as it has been around for almost a decade since its launch in 2014. The site has acquired a solid user base, with over 1 million visitors daily. It may not be much compared to the biggest camming websites, but it’s still an excellent place for models to make some money.

This website pays well and allows models to perform in several ways, from performing in shows to selling premium content to your fans. All it takes is effort and creativity to keep your audience hooked on your shows.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re interested in becoming a model on this platform. We’ll go through the good and bad aspects of CamSoda, letting you know whether it is a good or a wrong platform and the different ways you have to make money on the site as an adult webcam performer.


  • This website welcomes people of all genders and sexual orientations. You can sign up as a girl, a guy, a trans person, and a couple or a group.
  • You can get paid weekly, and the minimum payout is $20.
  • You earn five cents per every token you get.
  • You set the rates for private shows, tip menus, and games.
  • You can sell premium content, too!
  • The site allows cam-splitting and offers diverse forms of protection, including DMCA services and geo-blocking features.
  • It’s relatively quick to get started. You should be able to start performing as long as you have a good computer and a webcam.
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First steps

It’s relatively easy to get started at CamSoda. Of course, you need to be at least 18 years old to be able to start as a performer, and you need to provide some form of identification for the site to verify that you are legally an adult. Ensure you get your valid ID or driver’s license before registering, as you need to be fully confirmed before you can start performing.

That said, here’s what you need to do as a new performer at CamSoda and the different things you need to do to get started.

Making an account at CamSoda

It’s quick and easy to create an account on this platform. You only need to provide a username, create a unique password and use a valid email. You can also log in using Google, speeding up the process. You can make a separate email address if you want more privacy, though.

The site does not ask you to provide some form of identification at first, but if you wish to become a performer, the site will ask you to upload your identification document. It won’t take more than a couple of hours to be verified. You’ll probably be able to start performing right away.

Setting up your profile

Now that you’ve registered on the site, the next step is setting up your profile and letting people know more about you. You can now set up your profile, but it doesn’t need much attention.

The site will ask you to provide some details, such as your language and other interesting facts about you, such as your sexual orientation or perhaps your birthday. You don’t have to make this information public, though.

You can also upload videos and images to make your profile a bit more attractive. We’ll discuss this later, but you can make the media you upload only for sale or for free if you want to let your followers know more about you.

Start performing

Now that you’ve set up your profile and your identity has been verified, the next step is to start performing. You’ll need a computer, a webcam, and high-speed internet (a wired connection would be best) to start acting.

You may want to invest in an HD webcam, as the site will give you more priority over chat rooms that don’t have one. That should be it! The site will let you know when you can get started. It isn’t complicated at all to begin performing at CamSoda. Most models can start making money from the very first day.

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Making money at CamSoda

CamSoda is a camming platform where most fans come to watch their favorite performers doing naughty things. However, you can also sell content to make extra money, although the last option isn’t widespread among performers as most people tend to focus only on webcam shows.

Either way, there are different types of shows, and the best part is that you get to choose how much you charge per tip or minute for private shows, depending on how you’ve set up your chat room.

Public shows

Anyone can access public shows, including people not registered on the site. While it may be inconvenient for some models, it doesn’t have to be. Public shows can be profitable if you know how to keep your audience interested in what you offer.

If your goal is to go private, you can do some teasing until someone willing to pay comes. If you want to remain public, you can set up tip goals, menus, and games to get the party started and encourage people to send tips. This way, you can keep the chat room alive even if there are a lot of lurkers.

Private shows

Private shows are a bit more interesting since you charge clients per minute. You can choose to go private with a client with tokens in their account and perform whatever you feel comfortable with. You should agree with the user before you start the show.

Plus, keep in mind that you can also make extra money via spies. Spy shows are possible, allowing people to watch your private show while being paid an additional fee per minute. Hence, private shows can be profitable, but finding paying clients can also be complicated.

Sell premium content

Last, you can also sell videos and photos on CamSoda. This is an uncommon practice since the website’s layout does not emphasize the model’s profile. It is all about the cam show, but you can still put content for sale and make some money even if you’re offline. There will always be someone interested in you and your attributes.

You can put some content for free if you want to do a bit of teasing, but that’s not necessary. Also, you should know that selling premium content is entirely optional, but it’s highly recommended if you want to earn some extra bucks now and then.

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Token value at CamSoda

CamSoda does not directly use real money, as the site has its currency (like all camming platforms do). This website uses tokens with different values for both models and fans. Essentially, models get paid five cents per token earned, which is a bit low compared to other platforms, but it’s still good money if you know how to keep your audience interested in your shows.

Here’s the pricing for both models and fans so that you can adjust your expectations and see how much you can earn while on the website.

Pricing for models

As mentioned above, models get paid five cents or $0.05 per token a user sends. So, let’s say that your rate is 30 tokens per minute for private shows. That means that you’re charging $1.50 per minute.

You’re free to set your rates based on how much you think you’re worth. Still, remember that users can choose not to pay for your show or send tips – you need to incite them into doing so!

Pricing for fans

The pricing for fans is a lot simpler. Here’s what people usually pay for tokens on this website:

  • 50 tokens cost $5.99.
  • 100 tokens cost $10.99.
  • 200 tokens cost $20.99.
  • 400 tokens cost $39.99.
  • 550 tokens cost $49.99.
  • 800 tokens for $69.99.
  • 1,205 tokens for $99.99.
  • 3,100 tokens for $249.99.

The pricing is also a bit elevated for fans, but it seems to be working since CamSoda has good traffic, and there are always thousands of people connected either performing or watching the shows.

Getting paid at CamSoda

Next, you must know how much you can expect to get paid and where. For starters, you should be aware that your earnings won’t be static – this is a camming platform, which means that your income will depend on how many hours you perform daily and how often you do shows.

How often can you get paid?

CamSoda offers weekly payments for all models, allowing you to get your money as soon as you hit the minimum payout. You can get paid via checks, ACH, Paxum, and Wire. The site is also compatible with cryptocurrencies, which means you can skip specific fees and make the most of your earnings as a webcam performer.

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Cam-splitting is allowed at CamSoda!

Cam-splitting is an excellent way of acquiring more customers. This feature allows you to go public on different websites until you land a paying client interested in a private show, or perhaps remain public and make a name for yourself in both audiences. Unfortunately, fake privates are not possible at CamSoda. You can do cam-splitting and increase your chances of getting paying customers, though!

What sites offer cam-splitting?

If cam-splitting sounds good, you can choose from many other platforms to perform simultaneously. For instance, Chaturbate is a good site that allows cam-splitting, as does BongaCams. It’s all about looking for a platform that adjusts to your needs and preferences.

Security for models at CamSoda

CamSoda offers standard security measures. The site provides DMCA services for models who don’t like their models being available on the web for free. Hence, if someone is re-uploading your stuff on a different site, you can quickly request this service and remove the media from that platform as soon as possible.

The site offers other forms of protection, including the following:

Regional blocking

Regional blocking allows you to block all the countries or zones you don’t want to access your chat room. For instance, if you’re from Germany, you can easily block access to any user from this country if that brings you peace of mind. You’re free to stop as many regions as you want and keep your career as an adult performer as private as possible.

Privacy control

The site also offers different ways of controlling who chat in your room. For instance, you can modify the settings of your chat room to prevent users without tokens from sending messages. You can also ban people who are being disrespectful at any time.

CamSoda grants a lot of control of the chatroom to the model, allowing them to make the most of their webcam shows without worrying about significant issues coming up during their performances.

Final thoughts

CamSoda is a solid platform that allows people to earn money via webcam performances. The site has been around for several years, gathering thousands of people daily.

While the site still has many features to improve, it’s an excellent platform you can choose if you’re already performing on other sites. It has high profitability potential and a solid user base, with thousands of users across the globe accessing it every day. You can establish a solid fan base and earn money quickly, especially since the site promotes models who have just begun their careers on the platform.

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