Kraak de Camming Code: How to Make Big Money on Amateur.TV

If you’re looking for an exciting way to make money, then Amateur.TV is a great platform for that purpose. This website allows you to become an adult webcam model and showcase your skills and personality to a large audience while earning money.

Models can monetize their content in different ways on this platform, including public shows, private shows, and selling content. However, it’s also possible to earn money using different methods, such as becoming part of the affiliate program. Either way, the webcam shows are the main attraction of the site and the most profitable part of it.

If you want to become part of the Amateur.TV community and start making money, this article is for you. We’ll review the different ways to make money on this website and how much you can expect to earn!

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Monetize your talent on Amateur.TV 

Amateur.TV offers different ways for you to earn money. Of course, you’ll earn more money through live webcam shows, but those are not the only ways to produce income. Here’s what you can do on this platform to make a profit:

  1. Gratis chats

Amateur.TV is a freemium site that caters to people who enjoy public shows. Any person can enter the chatrooms even if they’re not registered on the site, making it easier for everyone to access the shows and making it easier for you to gather viewers and attract more potential paying clients.

Models can set up tip menus and tip goals and receive tips from customers if they feel like showing appreciation for you. The standard rates for tips start at 500 coins and go up to 50,000 coins. Free shows can be profitable if you’re charming and keep your audience entertained. Since you’re attracting a wide audience, the chances of attracting paying customers and receiving tips are quite high.

  1. Exclusive private chats 

Exclusive private chats are the same as private shows on other platforms. These shows offer a more intimate experience with the model to the client, and the rates can vary depending on several factors, such as exclusivity or whether you’re up to producing fetish content. Your clients can also turn on their cameras while you’re performing for a more interactive experience.

The rates are usually between 1,000 and 6,000 coins, but as with everything else on the site, you can set your price and charge based on what you believe your work is worth. You can also earn extra money via spy cams if you allow them!

  1. Spy cams

People can spy on your exclusive private chats. You’ll earn some extra income per spy present in your room, with the standard rate being 600 coins and going up to 1,500 coins per minute. Hence, you can earn up to $0.75 per minute per extra viewer in the room. 

  1. Interactief speelgoed

Another way to make your shows more interesting, whether public or private, is to include an interactive toy. People can send you tips; the toy vibrates whenever someone sends you coins. The tips become more expensive based on the vibration’s intensity level. People must keep sending you tips to continue having fun with the toy and observing your reactions.

You’ll earn a special badge on your thumbnail if you possess an interactive sex toy. Your profile will also be featured under the “interactive sex toy” category, granting you more visibility on the website. 

  1. Video's verkopen

Another way to earn money on Amateur.TV is by selling videos. You have complete control over the prices and can set them as low as 200 coins or as high as 50,000, depending on the length and quality of the content. Selling videos on this platform is a great option if you want to generate income even when you’re not actively performing, as users will always be interested in watching pre-recorded content of you engaging in more risqué activities on the webcam.

  1. Contests

Contests are a standard way to make money on this website. The site holds daily contests where you can earn up to $100 depending on the points you obtain during that particular day. Hence, it’s all subject to your performance and overall popularity on the website, but they’re still worth a shot since they can add a few extra dollars to your overall income.

  1. Affiliate programma 

The affiliate program is another option available if you want to earn money. According to Amateur, it has nothing to do with webcam shows, as you’ll be promoting the site’s services instead.TV, the site pays up to 35% of all purchases made by users they refer, including tips, private shows, and content sales. The exact commission rate you receive will depend on the number of signups and purchases generated through your unique affiliate link.

Additionally, the site offers bonuses and incentives for top-performing affiliates. So, the site offers plenty of opportunities to earn significant income through the affiliate program – especially if you own an adult website or blog and would like to make some extra money. 

  1. Andere manieren om geld te verdienen 

Besides everything else we’ve mentioned, the site offers different ways to earn money, including the following methods:

  • You get $5 per every 500 online users on your chatroom. It’s 10,000 extra coins using the site’s currency system.
  • You also get 1,000 coins or $0.5 every time you earn 100 new followers.

It’s a win-win situation, as the site continues making a profit, and you maximize your earnings by becoming more popular. Amateur.TV has nice incentives for people interested in becoming performers on this site to make their shows engaging, interesting and exciting. Even if you don’t speak perfect Spanish, Amateur.TV is still worth a try. After all, images already talk a lot!

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Thinking Ahead: Other Considerations for Building Your Income on Amateur.TV

If you want to become a successful model on Amateur.TV, there are a few aspects you should consider. For starters, remember that this site’s target audience speaks Spanish. Therefore, if you come from an English-speaking country and don’t know at least basic Spanish, it will be a bit difficult for you to interact with your viewers.

We’d say that the biggest downside this site has is the language barrier. We recommend you practice your Spanish a little bit if you truly want to become a model on this site, as it’ll help you get around it A LOT. It’ll be easier for you to understand what your viewers want and might be able to make your shows a bit more interesting!


Laatste gedachten 

Most models report having a good experience while being on the site. Performers say they get paid on time and that the customer support team is helpful and responsive. Hence, you shouldn’t have too many problems in this regard.

Overall, this site can be quite profitable, even if it’s still growing and has a very minimalistic layout. To establish yourself as an Amateur, you can turn the tables around and take advantage of the lack of “prominent” competition.TV as an adult webcam performer.

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