Quanto costano i gettoni su Amateur.TV?

Tokens are called “coins” on Amatoriale.tv. This is the currency system utilized for all transactions within the platform, including tips, private shows, content sales, and everything else.

Coins have different values for models and regular users. Therefore, the pricing that both parties will manage will be different. It’s important to know the value of coins to make the most of your earnings as a model or maximize your experience as a fan. 

Today, we’ll explore the pricing and value of coins on Amateur.TV and everything you can do on Amateur.TV with this currency.

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Navigating token costs on Amateur.TV  

When it comes to the regular user base, Amateur.TV has four token packages available that you can choose from. The pricing is as follows:

  • 3.500 monete: $3.99
  • 7.500 monete: $9.99
  • 20.000 monete: $21.99
  • 50.000 monete: $49.99

As you can see, coins are quite affordable on this platform. Sometimes you may not even have to purchase tokens, as the site tends to do giveaways where members can earn free coins if they have constant activity on the platform. Thus, fans may be able to watch their favorite performers on a live show even without spending money on the site.

Still, even though the general pricing of the site is quite affordable, keep in mind that each model has different pricing. Therefore, some performers may have costlier prices while others may have more affordable rates. It’s all about exploring the site until you find a model you like with nice pricing.


How much are Amateur.TV tokens worth for models?

The pricing for models is a bit different for models than for fans. You should know you’ll earn $1 for every 2,000 coins you have on the site.

Hence, if you were to earn $50, you’ll have to accumulate 100,000 coins. We put this example because of the minimum payout for most payment methods available at Amateur.TV has a minimum payout of $50. Some fees may apply, but you’ll have to accumulate 100,000 coins if you want to cash out your earnings on the site.

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What can you do with tokens on Amateur.TV?

As a fan, you can do many things with your tokens on this platform. For instance:

  • You can send tips, coin gifts, and engage in tip menus and games while watching the performance of your favorite model.
  • You can purchase videos from performers even if they are offline.
  • You can engage in private shows, which are charged per minute. Hence, you’ll need a relatively high number of coins if you want the session to last for a while. 

Remember that models have their prices and can modify them at any time. Therefore, a single purchase of coins may not be sufficient for you to have a nice experience on the site, at least in the long term.

Models can only use their coins to convert them to real cash and get paid using one of the various payment methods the site has available.

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