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Amateur.TV is a relatively new website where people can watch live adult webcams. It mostly features people from Hispanic countries, Spain being the most common country on the platform. It has good traffic and offers excellent opportunities to performers who want to get started in the adult entertainment industry.

That said, it can be a bit complicated to tell you how much you can earn on Amateurt.TV. The site grants models about 50% of what they make on the site, but it has several other ways for you to earn money as a performer, such as contests, events, and an affiliate program. Plus, your income heavily depends on the number of hours you spend performing on the site and the number of paying viewers you get while at it.

Each model’s experience on Amateur.TV is different. However, you can still have an overall idea of how much you can make on this site by considering the services you can provide, the value of tokens, etc. We’ll explore some of these factors to help you estimate how much you can make on this site as a performer.

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Maximize your earnings on Amateur.TV 

If you want to learn how you can maximize your income on this platform, the first thing to do is to get to know the different ways you have to earn money. Let’s look at what you can do on this platform to make income and how much you can expect to obtain from it.

Free chats

Free chats are the main draw of this website. The format is quite traditional and similar to what you’d find on other platforms, as viewers enter your chatroom and you perform for them. If they like what you’re doing, you may get tips from paying customers. 

Tips may look different in every chatroom. You’re free to set your rates as you find it more convenient. For instance, some basic tips include 100, 500, 1,000, and even 50,000 coins. You can set up a custom tip menu for viewers to see how much it would cost them to watch you perform something specific. A tip goal may also encourage people to send you coins!

If you’re skilled at entertaining a large audience, then you may be able to make your free chats quite lucrative. As an extra tip, the site provides special placement for newly registered models, making it easier to attract an audience. You must also perform in a public chat to attract potential customers for a private show.


Exclusive private chats 

Private shows on this platform are called “exclusive private chats,” they consist of one-on-one sessions with a client. You can agree on the terms before the chat starts for a better experience. You’re free to set your rates, as with everything else on the site, with an average of between 1,000 and 6,000 coins.

Consider that several factors could affect your pricing, such as whether you are performing a vanilla show, catering to a specific fetish, or being new to the platform. Make sure to adjust your pricing accordingly. 


Spying is possible on certain exclusive private chats. This way, you can get more money from a single show. As with the rest of the pricing, the rates are up to you, but the default price is 600 coins per minute. You can set it up to 1,500 coins by the minute, allowing you to earn up to $0.75 per minute PER extra viewer in the room.

Interactive toys 

Models can also use interactive toys to offer a more immersive experience to the viewer. It can also make your shows more profitable, as the toy will vibrate whenever a viewer sends you a tip. 

Amateur.TV allows you to put different rates for the toy’s vibrating intensities. The duration is around one minute, so people must keep the tips coming if they want to see you react to the toy’s stimuli. You will also receive a special icon on your thumbnail and will be featured in the “interactive toys” category if you include one in your show.

Sell videos 

You can also sell videos on Amateur.TV. Again, the rates are up to you, but you can sell them for as low as 200 coins or as much as 50,000. It depends on the length and the “quality” of the video. Selling content on this platform is an excellent idea if you want to continue making money even when you’re offline, as you’ll always find someone who might be interested in watching you perform lewd things on a webcam.

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Other ways to earn money 

This site offers different ways to earn money, three of them the following:

  • You get $5 per every 500 online users on your chatroom. It’s 10,000 extra coins using the site’s currency system.
  • You also get 1,000 coins or $0.5 every time you earn 100 new followers.
  • The site has daily contests where the top 20 models with the most points get prizes. If you land first place, you’ll get $100, while second-to-fifth places get $50, and so on. It’s a great way of making some extra money.

You can maximize your earnings on this website if you consider all the different ways. The site is still quite new and doesn’t have as many features as other platforms, but it still offers great ways to earn money and build a profitable adult entertainment career from scratch.

Perhaps the biggest downside of Amateur.TV is that most people who come to this site are Spanish-speaking people. Hence, you may have trouble communicating with your viewers if you don’t know basic Spanish.


What else should you take into account?

It’s impossible to tell you how much you can earn on Amateur.TV, as every model’s experience on this site, is quite subjective. Some performers do really well, while others may still work to establish a recurrent following count on the site.

Even if the site is relatively limited, you can still do great things to establish yourself on the site, including the following:

  • Let people know where you can find yourself outside the platform. The site lets you set up a small description, links to your social media profiles, tags, etc.
  • If you use tags, make sure to make them specific and well-written. This way, people into that particular content will find you more easily.
  • The minimum payout for most payment methods is $50. Hence, you’ll have to accumulate 100,000 coins before withdrawing money from the site for the first time.

Amateur.TV is an excellent website for Spanish-speaking people who want to become adult entertainers. It’s not complicated to use and has a minimalistic but intuitive interface you can easily understand from your first visit. You can earn money by performing on a webcam if you know how to keep your shows interesting and show a high level of charisma while you’re online!

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