Esinemine Review for Models

Camming has become quite a “boom” in recent years, with thousands of websites popping up and more people getting into the business. If you’re looking for a new website to perform at or would like to become an adult webcam performer, then is worth taking a look at. is a website that features amateur models. The target audience on this site comes from Hispanic countries, which means that most performers here talk Spanish or come from a Spanish-speaking country. Still, you can register even if you’re from somewhere other than these areas.

Even though the site is still new, it has been rising in popularity and continues to welcome models to become part of its catalog. If you’re interested in becoming a webcam model on this platform, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll go through the good and bad aspects of being a model at and what you can expect from this site in the long run.

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  • This is a freemium site. Hence, most models prefer to perform in public shows, but it is still possible to go private and earn good money.
  • The site offers extra ways to make money, including events and daily contests to earn cash prizes and other rewards.
  • Most models report having a good experience with the site and being paid on time. You can get paid via Paxum, Skrill, and BitSafe, among many other options. 
  • There are no official traffic statistics available for the site. However, between May and July 2022, the website garnered over 21 million visits despite its main focus being on Spanish-speaking countries. Most people are heterosexual men. 
  • This site is available in English. However, please expect to perform for a Spanish-speaking audience. Most models present here have Spanish as their first language, too. Hence, we recommend you know at least basic Spanish to have a better experience.

How can you make money as a model on Amateur.TV?

This site offers models of different ways to make money. Since it is a new site, the options are limited, but that doesn’t mean the site is not profitable. Here’s what you can expect from the site regarding the features that can help you generate a profit:

Public shows

Public shows are the primary feature of this site. It follows the standard format, as people join your chatroom, you put on a show for them, and they send you tips if they like your performance. You can set up tip goals and menus to encourage users to send you coins.

These shows can be profitable if you can cater to a large audience. Furthermore, since the site offers “special” placement for models who have just signed up, allowing you to attract an audience more easily. Even if you prefer to perform privately, you’ll still have to go public for a while for people to get to know you at first.


Private shows are another good option. The pricing differs based on the model’s exclusivity and popularity, but the shows range from around 1,000 to 6,000 coins by the minute. Members can also turn on their cameras (Cam2Cam) so that you can watch them while you’re performing, opening the door to even more possibilities (and perhaps more custom requests, which may earn you a few extra tips).

These shows seem to be quite profitable for models. Once you establish an audience and the regular site members get to know you better, you can expect paying members to come more often to your chatroom requesting a private show.

Spy shows 

Spy shows are also possible on Hence, you might be able to earn extra money if people decide to join your private show as spies. There is no clear information regarding how much you’ll earn per spy present in your room by the minute, but it is a feature the site offers for those interested in making a bit more money.

People can’t interact with you or the client as in other platforms when they’re spies. They can only watch you perform until you end the session and go offline.

Interactive toys

Interactive toys are another way to make things more interesting during your show. If you own one, you can easily sync it with and let it vibrate to the sound of your audience’s tips. You can play around with the intensity levels to incite users into sending more and bigger tips. 

Models with interactive toys will be featured in the respective category and have a special badge that lets the audience know that they have this sex toy available.

Offline tips

Offline tips are another good way of making some extra money. Any user can choose to send you a tip while you’re offline as a form of showing their appreciation for you. You will be immediately notified even if you’re not performing on the website. It may not be very common since the site is still relatively small, but you never know who might be feeling generous!

Extra earning opportunities on 

We’ve already covered the primary ways to make money on this site. However, there are several other ways to profit while you’re a part of the model catalog. 

  • Daily contests are an excellent way of making your pay increase a bit. The site has a point system based on several factors, such as reaching 500 online users or perhaps every 100 new followers you get. The more points you accumulate, the more money you’ll earn. 
  • Events can be another good source of extra income, too. The event’s nature may differ occasionally, but you’ll still earn money if you win whatever happens at that particular moment. Most of these events utilize a ranking system.

The prizes that offers are quite good compared to other platforms. It’s quite impressive that a small website offers such good incentives for models to keep it up and deliver good performances. 

Still, remember that each model’s experience with the site is different. Some performers succeed while performing in public, while others may have it easier to perform privately for their fans. It’s all about exploring what works best for you and what helps you make the most money.

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Payment information for 

If you plan on becoming a model on this platform, you must be familiar with the payment information pertinent to this site. That means you should know how much you can expect from the number of coins you have.

For starters, you should know that 2,000 coins equal $1. Hence, you’ll have to accumulate 100,000 coins before withdrawing money for the first time, as those are equivalent to $50.

Once you’ve reached the minimum threshold, you can withdraw your money using one of the many payment methods available, such as e-wallets or wire transfers. Some fees may apply depending on the payment method, but those aren’t too high, and you’ll get to enjoy a great part of your income as a performer on this site. 

Payment methods

It’s not complicated at all to get paid on The site is compatible with several payment methods, some limited to certain locations. Even if it’s that way, models can choose to get paid in the way that feels the most convenient to them.

The minimum payout on can be different depending on the payment method. Take a look at the below list for more information:

  • E-wallets: You can get paid via Paxum, Skrill, BitSafe, ePayService, and MassPay, among many other e-wallets. You can withdraw your money once you have the minimum of $50. The maximum payout is $5,000.
  • Pangaülekanded: This method is only available for USA and European models. You can choose to withdraw your money in either EUR or USD. If you live in the USA, it can take one to seven days for the transfer to be effective, while for European residents, you’ll only have to wait one day.
  • Swift Bank transfer: This option is also available if you can access this institution. Bear in mind that the site has a $5 fee per transaction.

You can choose any of these payment methods and modify them whenever you want. The site requires you to fill out a form to complete the process before you can move to a new payment method.

Coin cost for regular users 

If you want an even better idea of how much you can earn as a model on, you should also consider the cost of coins for regular users. The pricing is as follows:

  • 3500 münti: $3.99
  • 7500 münti: $9.99
  • 20,000 münti: $21.99
  • 50,000 münti: $49.99 

As you can see, coins are not that costly. Considering that you get to put the price for your private shows and the tip menu is up to you, you shouldn’t struggle to get to the minimum threshold if you know how to keep your shows engaging and your audience entertained while you’re at it.

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Legitimacy and safety is a legitimate platform that provides a fun and enjoyable environment for models and members alike. Despite being new, the site has implemented several security measures to ensure that everyone has a pleasant time while on the site. 

You can be sure that this is a legitimate website. After all, thousands of users from all across the globe visit it daily and perform transactions. Likewise, you will also encounter tons of real models performing for an audience whenever you access the site. 

In addition, the site has several security and safety measures to ensure that both models and fans have a safe experience, including the following:

  • User authentication processes. As a model, you’ll have to go through a verification process so that the platform knows you’re a real person of adult age.
  • The site encrypts user data, including passwords and personal information.
  • There is constant monitoring and moderation. This way, the site ensures compliance with community guidelines and prevents inappropriate or illegal activities.
  • You can block and report users with abusive behavior. The moderation team takes these reports very seriously.

Since you’ll be working on this site for money, we highly recommend you go through the terms of service and privacy policy to know what to expect from the platform as a regular model. This way, you’ll know where you stand as a regular performer on


Pros and cons of

This website has different ways for models to make money and start in the adult entertainment industry. However, there are still a few considerations you’ll have to take into account. Here are the pros and cons of


  • Offers models different ways to make money, including public and private shows, spy shows, interactive toys, and offline tips.
  • The site offers extra earning opportunities such as daily contests and events.
  • The site is available in English, which means that models who speak English but not Spanish can register and perform.
  • Many models report having a good experience with the site and being paid on time.
  • The site has a large audience, with over 21 million visits between May and July 2022, despite its main focus being on Spanish-speaking countries.


  • The site’s target audience is from Hispanic countries, meaning most performers here speak Spanish or come from a Spanish-speaking country. Hence, models who don’t speak Spanish may be unable to connect with the audience effectively.
  • No official traffic statistics are available for the site, making it challenging to gauge its popularity compared to similar websites.
  • As it is a new site, the options to make money as a model are a bit limited, and there is a chance that the site’s popularity may decline in the future.
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