FanCentro Affiliate Power Play: Supercharge Your Webmaster Profits

FanCentro is a premium social media FanCentro ist eine Premium-Social-Media-Website, auf der Menschen exklusive Inhalte hochladen können, auf die ihre Fans gegen eine bestimmte Gebühr zugreifen können. Seine Funktionen ermöglichen es den Urhebern, Geld zu verdienen und ihr Image weiter zu monetarisieren, während sie gleichzeitig eine engere Bindung zu ihrer Fangemeinde aufbauen und sogar noch mehr Fans anziehen können.

However, uploading exclusive content is one of many ways to make money on this site. An affiliate program is also available for creators who want to generate extra income. This scheme is known as “CentroProfits.”

We’ll dive deep into what CentroProfits offers and how you can get started. There are options for creators and non-creators to earn money.


What is CentroProfits?

CentroProfits is the official affiliate program for FanCentro. It allows creators to refer other influencers to the platform and earn additional income. It is available for both FanCentro and ModelCentro, sibling websites with the same purpose but a different focus. You can make between 25% and 50% commission using tools like iFrames and banners, among many others.

Hence, you can encourage other creators to create content for these websites. When they earn money, so do you! It can be an excellent way of maximizing your earnings and making your stay on FanCentro or ModelCentro more profitable in the long run.

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Key Features of CentroProfits

CentroProfits has several features that you can take advantage of to earn money. Here’s what the site offers at the moment.

Promote FanCentro Influencers 

The first option you have is to promote the profiles of influencers or creators who are already registered on FanCentro. Not all influencers will be included in the promotion, as they must opt for it first. Whether it is fan club subscriptions or access to private social media, promoting FanCentro influencers can be quite profitable if you know how to find the correct target audience.

You can promote the profiles of FanCentro influencers to tap into a potentially profitable avenue. Creators tend to offer their fans exclusive content and several other perks. Therefore, you can incite users into engaging more intimately with their favorite influencers and creators via this program.

Promote ModelCentro Websites

ModelCentro is similar to FanCentro, but the execution is different. In FanCentro, you can create a profile, and people can subscribe to it to access your exclusive content or private social media sites. On the other hand, ModelCentro allows you to create your website, as it is a CMS platform that will enable performers to build a membership website for their community.

Hence, this program requires you to promote ModelCentro websites instead of individual model profiles. The guidelines are stricter than those for FanCentro, especially for models. Models who don’t meet these requirements may not be included in CentroProfits, but they can still have an affiliate program. 

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Model Centro Referral Program 

You can also participate in the referral program to earn money through CentroProfits as a content creator. If your audience consists of performers, studios, or producers, then the ModelCentro referral program is an excellent way to profit. If you’re an affiliate, you’ll get about 10% of rev-share on all the ModelCentro sites they register and create via the CMS platform. 


Another option is to go through the affiliates sub-domain of ModelCentro if you want to participate in a similar program. It has a broader catalog to choose from. Although there are plenty of empty profiles and users without any promotional content, you might be able to find someone with good content that you can use to maximize your earnings further.

While this option is available, it can be a bit more complicated than the regular CentroProfits scheme. CentroProfits has a “quality control” measure where models must fulfill specific requirements to be eligible for the affiliate program. This doesn’t happen in the basic affiliate program that ModelCentro offers.

Other Features 

There are other features you can utilize as an affiliate at CentroProfits, including the following:

  • Model-Influencer Directory: You will find a list of performers from both websites, FanCentro and ModelCentro. This catalog also allows you to filter based on the platform they’re based in or perhaps whether they are being promoted or not. 
  • Discounts: Affiliates can set special values for ModelCentro sites. Hence, you have another way of enticing people to sign up and spend money using your link. You can set these discounts to be permanent or only available during a certain period. You should bear in mind that the discounts will come from your percentage as an affiliate. 
  • Werbemittel: The site grants you access to several promotional tools, from zip sets with audiovisual media to free hosted galleries, banners, and iFrames. You will also have access to the API if you’re a webmaster and know how to use it. 

This is pretty much everything that CentroProfits offers. It’s a very simple and easy-to-understand program that both creators and regular users can take advantage of!

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Earning Money Through CentroProfits

Once you start promoting either the FanCentro profiles or the ModelCentro sites, you’ll start making money one way or the other. This affiliate program grants you 25% or 50% lifetime rev-share, depending on where the traffic goes. For instance, you’ll get a 50% rev-share for all referrals through ModelCentro, while the other 25% will come from FanCentro referrals. 

That said, you get paid weekly. You can choose between different payment methods with different minimum payouts. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Siehe: $100
  • Wire: $500
  • Paxum: $50
  • ACH: $100
  • SEPA: $290

All payments are sent on Tuesdays, except during major holidays. You’ll be able to start receiving the money you make through the program once you meet the minimum payout requirements after the third week of being registered on the site. It is a form of protection in case chargebacks happen.


Abschließende Überlegungen 

CentroProfits can be a lucrative opportunity for creators and users to earn additional income. You can make money by promoting influencers or creators registered on FanCentro or the websites you can create through ModelCentro. You’ll have access to many resources, such as iFrames, zip sets, and a model-influencer directory for easy navigation.

The site grants you total freedom when it comes to promoting the content that is available there. Again, you will earn 25% or 50% depending on the traffic source, each belonging to FanCentro and ModelCentro. You will receive your money every week, specifically on Tuesdays, as long as you meet the minimum payout required for your chosen payment method.

Whether you are a creator looking to maximize your earnings or a user interested in generating extra income, CentroProfits provides a straightforward and accessible program. 

We’re currently in an era where exclusive content has become quite common, so there are plenty of opportunities to advertise and market different content. If you understand where to find the right audience and learn to identify their wants, you might be able to generate some substantial profit via CentroProfits.

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