MYM.Fans: Legitimitet og sikkerhed - troværdigt eller problematisk?

When it comes to platforms that offer you the opportunity to monetize your content and make money, there are always doubts, especially if that website is all about adult content. There are as many legit adult entertainment sites as fraudulent ones, and if you doubt the authenticity of MYM.Fans before joining, you’re not alone and are actually doing the right thing. After all, your safety comes first.

If you want to become a creator on MYM.Fans, who have no idea if the platform is good or not, you’ve come to the correct site. We’ll go over all the aspects you need to know before joining this community as a content creator and what you should keep in mind while you’re a part of it.

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About MYM.Fans 

MYM.Fans is a subscription-based social media platform allowing creators to share exclusive content with their subscribers for a monthly fee. It is similar to other content subscription platforms, such as OnlyFans and Patreon, but it focuses on high-quality content, including professional photography and videos.

MYM.Fans also offers an affiliate program that allows users to earn additional income by referring new creators and subscribers to the platform. This website was launched in 2019 by two French entrepreneurs. The site has been operating for a few years and has already established itself as one of the best subscription-based platforms on the internet.


Is MYM.Fans a legit website? is a reliable website that ensures high security for its models, focusing on privacy as the top priority. The platform has implemented advanced security measures to safeguard models’ personal information and prevent fraudulent activity. Moreover, has a dedicated team that protects models’ privacy and ensures timely payments without any reported payment fraud.

This website has a prominent user base, and although there aren’t official statistics, it’s clear that the site has high traffic, as some creators earn more than $100 per day. 

Other aspects that you can take into account to know whether MYM.Fans is a legit website or not are the following:

  • MYM.Fans have a total rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 on TrustPilot over a consensus of 1,611 opinions. Hence, most users seem happy with what the site offers.
  • The website Scam Adviser says that MYM.Fans has a trust score of 100/100 and an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 based on 1,583 reviews. 

MYM does not make these claims.Fans itself, all these opinions come from people that have already used the platform, including fans and creators. Therefore, based solely on the user base, it is safe to assume that MYM.Fans is a genuine website.

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What security measures does MYM.Fans offer to its user base?

MYM.Fans has many security measures that can help you remain protected as a regular user or a creator on the site. Here’s what the platform offers and how it keeps its user base safe:

Model protection services 

MYM.Fans has various measures to safeguard its creators’ content, including disabling common features like drag and drop and right-click, making it difficult for users to share content outside the platform—furthermore, MYM.Fans imposes penalties and bans on anyone who shares creators’ content. Additionally, the platform provides DMCA services to protect media if it is found on other platforms.

Earnings protection system 

MYM.Fans has implemented a revenue protection system to safeguard against fraudulent charges commonly associated with adult content platforms. This system ensures the site’s and its creators’ protection by categorizing earnings into two types: pending and validated. Pending earnings are retained for about 15 days to ensure no issues arise with the funds, while tips and private media funds are verified after one week. Validated earnings are available for cash out at any time, and all pending earnings become validated after the established periods.

Customer support 

This website’s customer support team is available for you at any time. You can connect with them 24/7 if you need help or have found a problem with the platform. The team is responsive and attentive; whoever interacts with you will ensure you leave with your problem solved.

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Afsluttende tanker 

Generally speaking, MYM.Fans is a safe platform with several security measures. It is a safe community for creators and their fans, allowing them to have a more intimate experience and interactions. The site has become a top subscription-based social media site for these and more reasons.