Chaturbate Affiliate Program Earn Money as a Webmaster

Chaturbate is one of the most popular camming platforms globally. Still, the affiliate program is available if that isn’t your cup of tea or you want to maximize your earnings on the platform.

Chaturbate’s affiliate program is marketed toward web owners or admins, which means the main idea behind it is to make money by promoting the site. The website already offers several tools and resources you can use to advertise it and make money.

If you want to become an affiliate at Chaturbate but don’t know how to start, here’s what you need to know about this program and what you can expect.

Get paid by promoting Chaturbate

An affiliate program allows you to earn money by promoting the site on your own website. Typically, the main website grants you the tools you need to get started, including adult cam websites.

The Charturbate affiliate program can pay some good money if you know how to take advantage of all the tools they have available. If you’re new to these programs, getting used to them may take a while, but your effort will be worth it in the long run. For instance, even if you have no experience creating or owning a website, Chaturbate allows you to do so easily.

You don’t have to be an expert in programming or similar topics to become a Chaturbate affiliate. Any person can do it, and there are many ways to earn money through this program.

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How to make money on Chaturbate as an affiliate

This platform offers several ways for you to make money as an affiliate. You’ll have to take advantage of the different resources the site has available, such as banners or popunders. Here’s an overview of how you can make money with Chaturbate’s affiliate program:

  • The “Pay-Per-Free” allows you to earn money (up to 1.00 USD) per free signup you’ve sent.
  • You obtain a 20% revenue share forever, which will be paid to you as your referrals spend money on the site via token packages.
  • You can also recruit broadcasters, which will grant you 50.00 USD for every new model that earns 20.00 USD on the site.
  • Although it can be a bit more complicated, referring web owners is also possible. You’ll also get 5% of whatever they make on the site as affiliates.

Chaturbate is also recommended for people who own an adult webcam site. You can create them based on other websites (it’s not complicated, there are guides for it), which will grant you more opportunities to get referrals and earn money. However, this method has a ton of competition as you’re not the only one looking forward to making money as an affiliate.

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Tools to drive traffic

As mentioned, Chaturbate has several tools you can use to make money as part of the affiliate program. Here’s a list of everything you can do to start making money on the site:


A white label is a rebranded camming site where you are the owner. Hence, you can create a whole new website and promote the site’s models and other services without having to do all the hard stuff from zero, such as hiring models. Chaturbate will grant you tools to host, create and host the site. Your only job will be to promote it as much as you can.

Whitelabels grant 20% rev-share on what people spend on your site.


Chaturbate offers different types of advertisements you can use depending on your availability or what you think would work best for you at the moment. Take a look at the following list:

  • Static banners are fixed images you can place on your website in different sizes. This way, people who click on it will be redirected to Chaturbate.
  • Animated banners are similar to static ones but include attractive animations that make users click faster. It’s easier to gain people’s attention with these ads.
  • Instant messaging ads are another option that Chaturbate gives you. You can place them in the footer or any other area convenient for the leads to come.
  • Text ads are another excellent option, allowing you a few clicks. Many people use this method and have successfully gotten tons of referrals!

As you can see, you can choose from different tools depending on what you think will work best in your case or looks better based on your opinion. Chaturbate allows you to choose from different banner sizes, and the text ads can be placed wherever you feel will work better.

Embedded chatrooms

Chaturbate has tons of models that are easy to recognize and many others that are quite attractive. You can place their chatroom as a banner on your site and incite people into interacting with the model in some form. It’s a very useful method to attract people.

Similarly, there’s also the option to link to specific models on your site.

API & Pixels

Programmers can also have access to the API. You can use it to see who’s online on the site at any given moment. You can also place a pixel on Chaturbate if you would like to keep track of certain stats. You’ll have to contact Chaturbate directly for either option, though.

You can choose any of the resources mentioned above at any time. Chaturbate has a pretty extensive FAQ section regarding the affiliate program and several tutorials you can use to get started if you don’t know much about computers and would still like to earn money. Some of the info is technical, but the site puts it in easy words so everyone can understand it.

How to join Chaturbate’s referral program

It’s not complicated to join Chaturbate’s referral program. All you have to do is access the registration site, follow the steps on the screen, and wait for your application to be approved. This way, you can get all creative and use all the tools to your advantage, depending on what you think is more convenient. You can get paid by referring all types of users, including members, models, and web owners.

Chaturbate’s referral program can be quite profitable, especially if you consider that this is one of the most popular adult webcam sites. You’ll have to pay close attention to it for a while, but if you know how to play your cards, you might make some passive income in the long run.

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Final thoughts

Chaturbate is one of the most profitable camming sites worldwide, with millions of users accessing it daily. As with any growing business, it is always looking forward to attracting new clients, and that’s where affiliates can come in handy. You can become part of the affiliate program and earn money by promoting the site using all the tools that Chaturbate puts at your disposal.

It may take some time to set everything up, but after a while, all that effort will be gone, and you’ll be able to earn money without necessarily having to spend hours on your computer.